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I have four tables. The Tables are given below.


  accnt_no       ac_name1
    23            Prasun Kanti
    45            Babu

psdr_cds:(Use for Buy)

accnt_no     no_shares          trans_dt         comp_cd
 23              40             1-jan-2006         101
 45              70             11-dec-2011        101
 23              20             1-nov-2011         101

swr_cds(Use for Sale)

accnt_no      no_shares            trans_dt       comp_cd
   23              20              1-jan-2007       101
   45              20              12-dec-2011      101
   23              30              15-nov-2011      101


   comp_cd       comp_nm
      101         AB BANK

Now i need a sql query that return the following result:

  Accnt_no     Name             Total Buy     Total Sale      Balance

     23        Prasun Kanti     60           50                10
     45        Babu             70           20                50
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    i.acct_no AS "Accnt_no",
    i.ac_name1 AS "Name",
    SUM(p.no_shares) AS "Total Buy",
    SUM(s.no_shares) AS "Total Sale",
    SUM(p.no_shares) - SUM(s.no_shares) AS "Balance"
FROM inv_profile i
INNER JOIN psdr_cds p ON i.accnt_no = p.accnt_no
INNER JOIN swr_cds s ON i.accnt_no = s.accnt_no
GROUP BY i.acct_no, i.ac_name1
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Dear sir,Thanks for your reply.If the tables contains more data then the result contains invalid data. In fact i want to search the result against comp_cd,trans_dt condition. Can you please verify this. –  prasun Dec 15 '11 at 5:34
@prasun you didn't mention that in your question, but you could easily add another JOIN to the comp table and filter the data using a WHERE clause. I suggest you look at an introductory SQL tutorial such as w3schools.com/sql/sql_intro.asp to help you. –  Graham Dec 15 '11 at 9:26
Dear sir,can you kindly give you mail id then i can send the 4 tables data and you can easily understand what the problem is. I run your query it didn't show the valid total buy,total sale also Balance.Suppose psdr_cds contains 128 records and swr_cds contains 123 records then your query show only 123 rows based on swr_cds. –  prasun Dec 15 '11 at 11:00
with t as 
( select ip.accnt_no, ip.ac_name1, ps.no_shares buy, sw..no_shares sale 
    from inv_profile ip, psdr_cds ps, swr_cds sw
   where ip.accnt_no = ps.accnt_no )
select t.accnt_no Accnt_no, 
       t.ac_name1 Name,
       sum(t.buy) Total_buy,
       sum(t.sale) Total_sale
       (sum(t.buy)-sum(t.sale)) Balance
  from t
 group by t.accnt_no, t.ac_name1

Will do. But there are many other ways, eg. over partition by etc.


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Dear sir, This query shown this report-User requested Interrupt or EOF detected. –  prasun Dec 15 '11 at 5:36
Then you had interrupted the query and/or lost your database connection. –  Zsolt Botykai Dec 15 '11 at 9:00

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