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I'm using Codlfusion 9's StructDelete() method to remove a value from a cookie. But after using


I'm getting a value of [empty string] for cookie.selector12 despite deleting it

This is the code I'm using:

<cfdump var="#cookie#">
<!--- kill any existing selector cookie when looking at a profile --->
<cfset structDelete(cookie,'selector#URL.clk#')>
<cfdump var="selector#URL.clk#">
<cfdump var="#cookie#">

To give the following output:

Screen shot of cookie cfdumps

Does StructDelete actually just set blank values? Or have I missed something obvious and simple... again

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The behavior of StructDelete() when applied to the COOKIE structure pushes the following header to your browser:

Set-Cookie SELECTOR12=;expires=Wed, 14-Dec-2011 10:06:02 GMT;path=/

which in turn will (for the remainder of the life of that request) produce a browser cookie with a blank value -- which mimics the behavior you're seeing when calling cfdump on that COOKIE structure.

This is simply a side-effect of dealing with the COOKIE structure, which in reality, wraps access to your browser's cookies--and is therefore limited by how cookies are defined/managed in web-browsers.

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Thank you Holmes. Living up to your name there. I guess I'll have to work around that then, cheers. –  Willshaw Media Dec 14 '11 at 17:13
Would help to use <cfcookie name="selector#URL.clk#" expires="now"> instead of or in addition to the structDelete? –  Al E. Dec 14 '11 at 20:15

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