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My comments are placed by users. The Comment belongs_to :user and the User has_many :comments.

But users can be removed. If done, I'd rather not delete their comments, but instead associate their comments with one Dummy user.

I can think of several ways:

  • On load of a comment, if no associated user is found, create a User in memory with dummy data.
  • On load of a comment, if no associated user is found, pick a predefined one from the database.
  • On removal of a comment, associate all the comments with a predefined User in the database; through some post filter.

My feeling says that number one is cleanest; since the other two require a user in the database that will be hardwired in the code. If user 18394 will be that "special" user, I'd need all kinds of safetynets for that special user.

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What about soft deleting users instead? Have a boolean field called User.active and set a default scope for User.active = t. When a user gets deleted, set the active field to false, and clear out any personal data.

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Makes sense. Additional pro is that I can then cascade-delete all the comments for a user on delete of that user. – berkes Dec 14 '11 at 17:08

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