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What are some good resources (books, PDFs, websites) for researching different path planning algorithms?

After failing to be able to select a senior project I got talked into one involving path planning for autonomous robots by a friend and my professor. After thinking about it a bit I actually found the problem to be really interesting. I'm just not sure where to start when researching various algorithms and reading about such.

Basically the problem I'd be dealing with is having multiple robots (in either a physical simulation or a computerized one) starting at different spots on an m-by-n grid and each robot. Each robot would start at a different position (eg (1,1), (9,10), and (10,5)) and go to its goal position (eg (10,9), (8,7), (3,3)). My goal is to make each robot take quickest path while avoiding collisions the other robots who all start at the same time.

I may add a bit more complexity to the problem once "actual work" start on the project next semester but I figure I can use the month from now before the start of the next semester for some research. I don't expect (or want) a solution to be posted because I genuinely am interesting in solving this, just some great resources to read up on various methodologies I could use to accomplish this.

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The most comprehensive text I know of in this area is Steven LaValle's "Planning Algorithms", which is available from http://planning.cs.uiuc.edu/, as HTML and a PDF. Also included on the books webpage is a BibTeX file with more than a thousand references to the most significant literature in the field.

If you're looking for something a little more gentle, but no less comprehensive, you can check out the MIT Press book "Principle of Robot Motion Planning" by Choset, Lynch, Hutchinson, Kantor, Burgard, Kavraki and Thrun. Also of interest in robotics / sensing / motion planning is the excellent "Probabilistic Robotics" by Thrun, Burgard and Fox.

The classic text is "Robot Motion Planning" by Latombe, that has great coverage of the complete motion planning algorithms.

If you were looking for one place to start, I would have to recommend James Bruce's work on robocup and planning for autonomous systems, in particular his thesis "Real-Time Motion Planning and Safe Navigation in Dynamic Multi-Robot Environments" and the paper "Real-Time Randomized Path Planning for Robot Navigation". The work is presented in a way that makes it very approachable.

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