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i'm using the solution posted in: PlayFramework: Ajax + Drag n' Drop + File Upload + File object in controller? but unsucefully. I always get a - Result too large.

I'm trying upload images size of 1,64MB....2MB. My controller code is same in the topic mentioned. Tnks.

public static void upload(String qqFile) {

    if (request.isNew) {

        FileOutputStream moveTo = null;

        // Another way I used to grab the name of the file
        String filename = request.headers.get("x-file-name").value();

        try {
            InputStream data = request.body;
            moveTo = new FileOutputStream(new File(Play.getFile("").getAbsolutePath()) + File.separator + "uploads" + File.separator + filename);
            IOUtils.copy(data, moveTo);

        } catch (Exception ex) {

            // catch file exception
            // catch IO Exception later on
            renderJSON("{success: " + ex.toString() + "}");


    renderJSON("{success: true}");
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Hi Fabio, I have the same issue. Where my client is legacy Delphi application. Did you solve this ? – Irfan Mulic Nov 2 '12 at 16:41

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