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I have seen the following binary operator listed on a book pp 191,

Point-to-member selection  x->*y

I understand x->y but not x->*y. Is this a typo or something else?

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Perhaps you'll find this previous answer of mine useful. –  Kerrek SB Dec 14 '11 at 17:23

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Something else. See the C++ FAQ here:


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InformIT: C++ Reference Guide > Pointers to Members

y is a pointer to a member-type inside the type of *x, see the example below.

struct Obj { int m; };


 Obj        o;  
 Obj *      p = &o; 

 int Obj::* y = &Obj::m;

 // 'y' can point to any int inside Obj, currently it's pointing at Obj::m
 // do notice that it's not bound to any specific instance of Obj

 o.m = 10; 

 std::cout << (p->* y) << std::endl; 
 std::cout << (o .* y) << std::endl; 


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