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I have an iframe on my page and I am trying to reload the contents. In all other browsers this is achieved by simply doing:


However, this does not work in IE (tested in 9 and 8) and I found that I can get it to reload by cloning the iframes container, adding the clone to the page and removing the original iframe as shown below:

var pe = $(window.parent.frames['myFrame'].frameElement.parentElement);
clonedPe = pe.clone();

The problem that I have is that on the original iframe I had some code added to the onload event but this is not fired on the load of the cloned iframe.

My question there a better way of reloading the iframe in IE - OR - how can I get the onload event to fire on reload!?!

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If you change the source of the iframe it will reload:

var pe = $(window.parent.frames['myFrame'].frameElement.parentElement);
$.data(pe, 'src', pe.attr('src'));
pe.attr('src', 'about:blank').attr('src', $.data(pe, 'src'));

Here is a demo:

You can also bind your events to the iframe using .delegate() so the event handler will hold true for any matching elements that are inserted into the DOM after the event handler is bound:

$(document).delegate('iframe', 'load', function () {...});

Note that in jQuery 1.7 and greater the perferred method is:

$(document).on('load', 'iframe', function () {...});
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This works fine in FF and IE9.

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That works to refresh the frame but this is the same problem that I had before in the the load events don't re-fire. – Penfold Dec 15 '11 at 15:12
So the iframe's HTML has a load event and while the HTML is refreshed the load doesn't fire? To be clear the load event is in the iFrame's source... could we see it? – amit_g Dec 15 '11 at 17:12

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