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Im getting these weird errors, but I dont understand them. Here are the errors:

error: variable - sized object may not be initialized (#1)

error: statically allocated instance of Objective-C class 'Joke' (#1)

error: statically allocated instance of Objective-C class 'Joke' (#1)

error: cannot convert to a pointer type (# 2)

(Note: The number after the error will indicate where the error was in my implementation file)

Here is my .m file:

#import "Joke.h"

@implementation Joke
@synthesize joke;
@synthesize rating;

- (id)init {
[super init];
return self;

- (void)dealloc {
[joke release];
[super dealloc];	

+ (id)jokeWithValue:(NSString *)joke {
Joke j = [[Joke alloc] init]; // (# 1) This is where #1 errors occurred
j.joke = joke;
return [j autorelease]; // (# 2) This is where #2 errors occurred

@synthesize joke;
@synthesize rating;



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Instances of Objective-C objects must be pointers, which is causing your problem. Your initialization of joke should be:

Joke *j = [[Joke alloc] init];

Also, it's a bad idea for an object to hold onto itself as a circular reference. You would have infinite recursion with j->joke->joke->joke->joke->joke...

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You need a "*" before your variables -- for instance, "Joke *j = [[Joke alloc] init];"

You also only want @synthesize in there once - not for each property. Like this: @synthesize joke, rating;

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Ahhh Thanks! So weird how one little astrid can cause your app to fail! –  user100051 May 12 '09 at 2:31
not really weird. See Jason's answer. –  Roger Nolan May 12 '09 at 5:13

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