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I use a WYSIWIG html component to allow my customers to enter html content and I clean it up on the server side using JSoup. Sometimes (depending on the browser and the user), the content that gets submitted contains empty tags (like <p>), or whitespace tags (like <br />). These are annoying since for all intents and purposes the input is blank, but the length of the string is non-zero.

Does anyone know if there is a JSoup setting that allows me chomp off all trailing tags that contain no content?

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Jsoup's getText() method may help you.

if < div class="data">

< br >MY Name is < /br > 
< br>Chirag< /br>
< br> < / br>

< /div>

than Elements data=doc.getElementsByClass("data") ,data.getText() gives you "My Name is Chirag" .

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