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I have a stylesheet switcher which works fine in all mainstream browsers until Safari 5.1 and possibly a past version of Chrome. The source of the problem appears to be in WebKit version 534. Other designers have experienced similar problems:


This version of WebKit appears not to action:

a.disabled  = false

in the following script:

  function changeLayout(description){
   var i, a;
   for(i=0; (a = document.getElementsByTagName("link")[i]); i++){
   if(a.getAttribute("title") == description){a.disabled = false;}
   else if(a.getAttribute("title") != "default"){a.disabled = true;}

(or perhaps it may be the case that it will only allow one active stylesheet, the default?)

I have alternative code I can deliver to switch the stylesheet but it is more onerous and I only want to run it if the usual method would fail.

Is there a way I could test if the browser is respecting "a.disabled = false" (or true for that matter) and then deliver the alternative code if not?

OR is there a reliable way to test for WebKit version 534?

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I know jQuery.Browser can detect things like webkit and versions. Check it out here:



Looks like it is now depricated, replaced with jQuery.Support:


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