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I'm using GWT 2.4. I have a view with some simple content ...

    final Image ajaxImage = new Image("loading.gif");
    final Grid grid = new Grid(1, 2); 
    grid.setText(0, 0, "Loading...");
    grid.setWidget(0, 1, ajaxImage);
    this.container = new FlowPanel();
    rootPanel = new SimplePanel();

I would like this content to be centered horizontally and vertically in the containing panel, which is a FlowPanel, if that matters. How do I do that?

Thanks, - Dave

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I know how to do it in a verticalpanel.

VerticalPanel panelPrincipal3 = new VerticalPanel();//Esto es el panel central, donde se centra todo
    panelPrincipal3.add(/*your panel*/);//here yo add whatever yo want, and should be centered
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Worked like a charm CSS is confusing on this issue. Thanks! is there a CSS parallel? – Rubber Duck Aug 16 '13 at 14:10
.setHeight("100%"); doesn't work anymore. Try .setHeight(Window.getClientHeight() + "px"); – Jason Washo Jun 26 at 12:03

if you were to put your FlowPanel as a direct child of your RootPanel, you can try to set its height to 100%. so if you only have a grid as a child component for your container, you can set its alignments like this:

container.setCellHorizontalAlignment( grid, HasHorizontalAlignment.ALIGN_CENTER );
container.setCellVerticalAlignment( grid, HasVerticalAlignment.ALIGN_MIDDLE );

But if you ever change your mind and you'll switch to UiBinder, you can do something like this:

<g:VerticalPanel spacing="0" width="100%" height="100%" ui:field="mainPanel">
    <g:Cell horizontalAlignment="ALIGN_CENTER" verticalAlignment="ALIGN_MIDDLE">
    <!-- content goes here -->
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with css? margin:0 auto; and position:absolute; top:50%; ?

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