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I have a working copy of code on my desktop that had a repo on url_OLD.

I had working copy of code on desktop which I imported to a new repo at url_NEW. I can commit changes to that new repo.

When I try to set up repo on desktop (using xcode4) I get green lights on the directories but not on the repository bookmark (it stays yellow) and the hourglass just spins. I've checked username and PW.

If I use commandline svn co url_NEW I get

svn: 'name' is already a working copy for a different URL

So I tried

svn switch --relocate url_OLD  url_NEW

I get

svn:  the repository at url_NEW has uuid of 'unique number' but WC has uuid of 'different number'

I'm lost. Should I delete the repository to the oldURL within xcode organizer? Are there other files/folders I should remove?

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It looks like the repository was duplicated and not exported/imported using the svnadmin tools. This would cause the repository identifier (UUID) to be different. In this case, you'll have to delete and re-checkout the old repo in xcode.

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OK. How do I delete the old repo? Can you give me some sample code? Thanks – cavuco Dec 14 '11 at 18:28
I don't care about the old repo. I just want to checkout the new repo but there appears to be some conflict between the two. – cavuco Dec 14 '11 at 18:29

With switch command you change URL of repo for your Working Copy, when

  • Repository have changed it's URL
  • It is still same old repo

UUID is (as name suggest) unique identity of repo, URL-independent. If UUIDs are different, it means (for SVN) "They are different repos, not switchable"

If you want and have to use repo from NewURL, you have to dump it, replace UUID in dump (with UUID of OldURL), kill repo, re-create it and load edited data. After these operations -switch to

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So how do I delete the old repo? Do I do that within Xcode organizer or do I have to use commandline? Do you have sample? I'm not concerned about reperving the old repo. I have the code I have the code I want in the new repo. – cavuco Dec 14 '11 at 18:35
I know nothing about XCode, but if I really want delete repository, I'll prefer remove it physically, by hand, from server. If you just want delete references to old repo - I think, organizer will be able do it. If you have code, which you want to have in repo, locally - as easiest way you can svn co NewURL in order to get new fresh WC, copy needed files to WC, svn ci... and forget about old WC and repo – Lazy Badger Dec 14 '11 at 19:38

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