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I need some help. I am trying to work on a mobile web page. What i'm trying to do is "capture" when the user does a zoom in/zoom out action. That is, when they put two fingers on screen and separate or close their fingers together. I looked at jquery mobile and didn't see it.

So specifically can I attach a javascript function to a pinch/zoom event in a mobile device?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Have you looked at this?… – kvc Dec 14 '11 at 18:59

Zepto is a jquery compatible library for mobile and provides handlers for pinch events. Unfortunately, they are listed as iOS only. (See "Touch Events")


$('some selector').pinch(function(){ ... });
$('some selector').pinchIn(function(){ ... });
$('some selector').pinchOut(function(){ ... });
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hammer.js is one of the best javascript library for such problems..

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Touchy is a jQuery plugin that provides support for pinch, drag, swipe, longpress, rotate. It works on any browser that implements touchstart, touchmove and touchend. Future versions will also support IE10.

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