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I have this script to read a devices list and send a command. but currently it reads only the first device and sends it the command, ignoring the rest. What have I missed?

use warnings;
use strict;
use NET::SSH2;
use MIME::Base64;
my $host = "C:/temp/devices.txt"; # input file
my $user = "XXX"; # your account
my $pass = "XXXXXX"; # your password  64 bit mime
my $ssh2 = Net::SSH2->new();
my $result = "C:/temp/result.txt"; # output file
$ssh2->debug(1); # debug on/off
open(List, '<', "$host") or die "$!";
while(<List>) {
    chomp $_;
    $ssh2->connect("$_") or die "Unable to connect host $@ \n";
    my $dp=decode_base64("$pass");
    my $chan = $ssh2->channel();
    $chan->exec('sh run');
    my $buflen =100000;
    my $buf = '0' x $buflen;
    my $read = $chan->read($buf, $buflen );
    warn 'More than ', $buflen, ' characters in listing' if $read >= $buflen;
    open OUTPUT, ">", "$result";
    print OUTPUT "HOST: $_\n\n";
    print OUTPUT "$buf\n";
    print OUTPUT "\n\n\n";
    print OUTPUT
    close (List);
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should be after the closing bracket.

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You shouldn't be closing your List filehandle inside of your while loop. Move the close (List); line to after the close brace:

open(List, '<', "$host") or die "$!";
while(<List>) {
    # ⋮
close (List);
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thanks, that solved my primary issue, now I have the script unable connect to the second and the rest of the devices on the list –  Daniel Dec 14 '11 at 19:22

You're closing your filehandle inside the while() loop. Move close(List) so it's outside of the while():

while(<List>) {

Edit: I just noticed that you're also doing this within your while() loop:

open OUTPUT, ">", "$result";

This will cause your output file to be overwritten each time through the loop, so it will only have the last command's results in it. You could either move the open() / close() outside of the loop, or open the file in append mode:

open OUTPUT, '>>', $result;

You're also not checking to see if the open() succeeds; you should put or die $! at the end of your open() statement.

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thanks, this solved the first issue. reading second device list but now unable to connect to the second device getting error "unable connect to the host" –  Daniel Dec 14 '11 at 19:17

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