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I'm working with some old jsp apps and we are moving servers and so the urls have changed. The new url's we were given have port numbers in them - http://example.com:8686/theapp

Now this line getServletContext().getInitParameter("contextName") returns example/ instead of example:8686/.

Is there a similar function or parameter that I can use so that the port number will be displayed in the url?

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getServletContext().getInitParameter() returns the value that you wrote in the init-param attribute in the web.xml file. Change it to whatever you want, and it will return the new value. –  JB Nizet Dec 14 '11 at 19:15

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The getServletContext().getInitParameter() returns the value of a <context-param> of the given name which is hard specified in web.xml. This is not a dynamic value. You'd basically need to edit the <context-param> in question in order to provide the "right" value.

To dynamically get the port number of the current HTTP servlet request, you need to use HttpServletRequest#getServerPort() or HttpServletRequest#getLocalPort() instead, depending on which port number exactly you'd like to obtain: the one as specified in Host header, or the one which the server is actually using.

Please note that you'd normally use HttpServletRequest#getContextPath() to obtain the context name.

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I figured this out right after writing it too. I looked in the web.xml file. Thanks for the info. –  Catfish Dec 14 '11 at 19:19

If you need port alone:

request.getLocalPort() or request.getServerPort()

If you need port along with IP and context name:

request.getContextPath() or request.getServletPath() or request.getLocalAddr()

for more information refer the below links:


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