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I have two tables. I would like to run a SELECT query where I would select table1.* and a "virtual" columnX that will return:

  • YES table1.columnB = table2.columnB
  • NO if no match is found in table2

Thanks in advance.

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   (CASE WHEN t2.columnB IS NOT NULL THEN 'YES' ELSE 'NO' END) as columnX
   table1 t1
   table2 t2
     ON  t1.columnB = t2.columnB
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there are a few basic structures:

you can use a UNION to get these values with different where clauses,

you can use a NVL and OUTER JOIN to substitute a value when the expected column is null,

in some SQL environments, you can use DECODE to change the returned value

in some SQL you can use CASE statements.

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