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I have written a function that takes the names and values of the input variables and writes them to a file. eg.

a = 10;
b = 100;

gives me a file file.txt that contains:


It would now like to be able to pass on all variables that are found using the who command. Eg if who returns:

a    b    z

I would like to be able to use writevars as if I called writers('file.txt', a, b, z).

The main problem I have is that writevars makes use of inputname... (temporary variables won't work e.g. writevars('file.txt', 100) doesn't work since there is no name to be given in the file).


var_names = who;
for i = 1 : length(var_names)
    evalin('caller',['writevars(''file.txt'', ' char(var_names(i)) ' )']);
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You can use EVALIN to run who from within writevars, e.g.

function writevars(filename,varargin)

%# get a list of variable names in the calling workspace and read their values
if isempty(varargin)
   listOfVars = evalin('caller','who');
   values = cell(size(listOfVars));
   for i=1:length(listOfVars)
      values{i} = evalin('caller',listOfVars{i});
   %# use inputname to read the variable names into listOfVars

%# --- rest of writevars is here ---
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Didn't use it from inside writevars, yet evalin proved to be useful. See my edit for explanation. – romeovs Dec 14 '11 at 19:59

It can be used by using the return value of whos command:

function GetAllVars
a = 45;
x = 67;    
ff = 156;
z = who();
for i=1:numel(z)
    if ~isequal(z{i},'z')
        fprintf(1,'%s = %f\n',z{i},eval(z{i}));
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This will not work if the variables are defined in the base workspace. – Jonas Dec 14 '11 at 19:36

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