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I am looking for the VS 2008 version of 'Oren Ellenbogen's Dark Scheme' color scheme. The scheme available at is VS 2005 version. Does anyone have the 2008 version of the same.

The converted verstion at is not accepted by VS 2008.

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the link is broken, can you provide another link ? –  Mtok Sep 18 '12 at 14:04

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I think that you'll find that the theme by Rob Conery is very close:

Scott Hanselman has the best collection I've found:

Scott also has a link to an XSLT that will help convert 2005 themes to 2008.

edit: Rob Conery link is dead due to blog redesign.

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The first link is broken –  Krige Jun 10 at 9:22

It is working for me, on my VS.NET 2008 (hint: I wrote it ;))

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You can get some VS2008 Color Schemes from

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Thanks for the link, but I am looking for Ellenbogen's Dark Scheme for VS 2008 –  pradeeptp May 12 '09 at 4:08

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