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I have a button that when clicked sets the text in an input text field.

The input text field has an onchange event that fires when someone puts in text, however, I don't want this onchange event to fire when its value is injected from clicking the button described above.

Is this possible?

Note that this is not related to event bubbling/propagation of the click event on the button

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Simply setting the value attribute of the <input> element will not trigger the change event by itself. Did you try it? –  Frédéric Hamidi Dec 14 '11 at 20:22

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You could change the event on the text field to a .blur() or .keyup(), which would only detect if the text field loses focus or the user inputs text manually (respectively).

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You can determine the source of the event like this:

var sourceElement = evt.srcElement || evt.target;

...the have an if statement to switch.

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This is possible IF you change the onchange event of your input field to an "input propertychange" event.
So you could simply to that $('input').on("input propertychange",function(){});

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