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I recently began working again on trying to get plone.app.theming to work on a RHEL box. I am building the lxml libraries via buildout as suggested and it still would not work.

The error I was getting is: cannot restore segment prot after reloc: Permission denied on files within the lxml egg directory. This kept the instances from starting.

After some trial and error and research, I finally found a solution, albeit not a good one, but I did get plone.app.theming working. The issue seems to be with SELinux enabled. For testing purposes, I disabled SELinux on this box and wola, after restarting my instances, the whole thing worked.

My questions are this. What, if anything am I doing wrong to cause this? Is there a solution that doesn't involve turning SELinux off completely and would there be a buildout based solution to do so?

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You probably need to change files' selinux context. Though, this isn't linked in any way to Diazo and/or lxml. SELinux is a rude guy.

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