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I have a report that has an address field link that, when clicked, opens a scorecard (in a new browser window, tsow calls for IE7) for that location. I'm now building a process that is linked to from within that scorecard that is supposed to open an identical popup window, but instead opens within the original popup. The report is build with a stringbuilder from the C# codebehind.

The first popup opens with:

 sb.Append("<a href='im_sc.aspx?variable1=" + variable1 + "&variable2=" + variable2 + "&variable3=" + variable3 + "|" + variable4 + "' onclick='window.open(this.href, \"popupwindow\", \"width=880,height=650,scrollbars,resizable\"); return false;'>" + address + "</a></td>");

The second opens from within the popup that opens from the above link:

sb.Append("<a href='d_rep/ExemptionReq.aspx' onclick='window.open(this.href, \"popupwindow\", \"width=880,height=650,scrollbars,resizable\"); return false;'><u>Submit Exemption</u></a></td>");

Can anyone help with making the second link open a new identical IE7 window?

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Try changing the name of second window to something else than popupwindow.

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Meh, the dangers of cut and paste. Thanks. –  todd.pund Dec 14 '11 at 20:38

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