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Ive updated my process Model Identity from NetworkService to ApplicationPoolIdentity.


What permissions did NetworkService had before and to what ? What was his security permissions to the ?

and how do I clone the previuos permissions to the ApplicationPoolIdentity account ?

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You should look here for an explanation of Application Pool identities:

NETWORKSERVICE is a built-in Windows identity. It doesn't require a password and has only user privileges; that is, it is relatively low-privileged. Running as a low-privileged account is a good security practice because then a software bug can't be used by a malicious user to take over the whole system.

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, But on 7.5 the default is ApplicationPoolIdentity so HOW can I know what permissions this account has ? Does he takes all the permissions from the networkService ? – Royi Namir Dec 14 '11 at 20:56
The ApplicationPoolIdentity will have the same network permissions as NetworkService since it uses the machine account (<domainname>\<machinename>$). However, the rights on the local machine are limited to whatever is ACLed for that user. The ApplicationPoolIdentity is a unique user that's created with each application pool so it will be limited to whatever you give it rights to access. If you want to replicate what NetworkService has access to, you'll need to examine the existing permissions. – Garrett Vlieger Dec 14 '11 at 21:49

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