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I have actionPerformed() method which does two things: print out the radio buttons selected and set visibility of labels in another class. I get cannot be cast to error when the radio button is clicked.

public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent e)
    System.out.println("Selected: " + e.getActionCommand());
    JButton hiddenBtn = (JButton) e.getSource();
    if (hiddenBtn == submit)
        Class o = new Class();;
    JButton close = (JButton) e.getSource();
    if (close == purchase)

I get the error at (JButton) e.getSource().

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JRadioButton does not extend JButton. Therefore, you cannot cast it to a JButton. You can, however, cast to an AbstractButton.

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Their least upper bound of JButton and JRadioButton is AbstractButton. You can cast to that, i think, to do what you want.

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Besides the technical aspect of whether or not casting works, think logically on the reason behind casting a JRadioButton with a JButton. The usage of both are different.

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In connection with AbstractButton or JButton use ButtonGroup, because if you add JRadioButton(s) to the ButtonGroup, then only one JRadioButton could be selected,

I can simulating this error about cannot be cast to javax.swing.AbstractButton or cannot be cast to javax.swing.JButton from un-correct usage renderer in the JTable

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> 95 % unrelated to the question – kleopatra Dec 15 '11 at 12:37

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