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Are there any pen-testing agencies that tests nodejs applications? And are there any good tools with wich you can do it yourself?

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Regardless of what platform you choose a lot of the same vulnerabilities are found. I recommend the open source project skipfish or a service like Sitewatch. Skipfish doesn't have a JavaScript interpreter, so if you use client side js heavily then you should go with the open source Grendel-Scan.

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Sitewatch is apparently no longer in operation and grendel-scan.com is a cybersquatter domain, you can find the Grendel scan on this page however securitytube.net/video/3614 –  Alex Lehmann Jan 18 at 9:26

A bit late in the day, however www.ZeroDayLab.com specialise in app security scans like this.

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Zaproxy, is a great tool for web application pentest http://sourceforge.net/projects/zaproxy/files/

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