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I am using Auth component for user login and registration. I want to add Country and State dropdowns to my User Model. Can someone help me with the required association in the Model files?

class User extends AppModel {

    var $name = 'User';

    var  $belongsTo  ="Country" ;

class Country extends AppModel {

    var $name = 'Country';

    var $hasMany = array('User');


My view:

echo $form->input('country_id');

But I am getting an empty dropdowm!

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whats the big deal? did you try anything yet? the code that doesnt work you can then post here. –  mark Dec 14 '11 at 22:51
yes, let me update with what I have! –  JAGAMOT Dec 14 '11 at 22:58
tip: bake your code. this way cake will do the work for you. and your answer's gonna answer itself –  mark Dec 14 '11 at 23:09
@Mark - Thanks for the tip! Never came up to my mind that I should have tried baking! I have more associations to come...will definitely try bake scripts! –  JAGAMOT Dec 15 '11 at 1:10

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Your belongsTo definition is incorrect. The belongsTo attribute must be an array:

public $belongsTo = array('Country');

Then in your Users controller, ensure you're getting the list of countries:

$countries = $this->User->Country->find('list');

And your view will look something like:

<?php echo $this->Form->create('User');?>
      <legend><?php echo __('Edit User'); ?></legend>
        echo $this->Form->input('id');
        // more fields
        echo $this->Form->input('country_id');
<?php echo $this->Form->end(__('Submit'));?>
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where would the code for finding and setting countries go within in the Controller? –  JAGAMOT Dec 15 '11 at 0:58
The action that accompanies your form. –  Moz Morris Dec 15 '11 at 0:59
That worked! But the drop down is containing country ids instead of names! –  JAGAMOT Dec 15 '11 at 1:04
You need to set the $displayField of your Country model. It will probably be public $displayField = 'country' –  Moz Morris Dec 15 '11 at 1:06
That worked!!!! –  JAGAMOT Dec 15 '11 at 1:09

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