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The default name of windows service which holds MySQL server instance is 'MySQL'. But MySQL 5.5 allows user to specify any name for it after installation. Now I need to know the name of MySQL windows service but I can't understand where my application should look for this name. I was trying to specially make this name unusual and then find where MySQL stored it in the system. But this unusual name was only in the services list of windows registry. my.ini, my-huge.ini, and other ini files of MySQL server does not contain information about how it's windows service is named. So where MySQL stores this name? Windows version: 7 X86/X64, MySQL version: 5.5. Thanks in advance.

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New to MySQL, I ran into the same question. What I've done to workaround this is set the instance shared_memory_base_name to the same as the service name in the ini:

# shared_memory

This make it available via the system variable @@shared_memory_base_name. I don't actually enable the shared-memory connections, just set the variable.

I haven't tried it on Linux, though maybe setting the @@socket system variable could provide the same.

I realize this is a bit late to help you now, but someone may find it useful...

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if you dont know answer ask your views into cooment...dont right new answer – Anshul Parashar Nov 20 '13 at 3:59

MySQL does not need to store this name anywhere. The server process gets launched by Windows service controller, and the client communicates with the server via the network, so it does not need to know the name either. As you discovered, the only place this will appear is in the services list in the registry. Consider that on Linux, daemon processes don't have special names the way Windows services do. The service name is an artifact of running on Windows, and MySQL doesn't know or care about it.

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That is true but if we launch 'MySQL Instance Configuration Wizard' after service name was initially specified we can see the name of the windows service in the one of wizard's steps. MySQL Workbench also knows this name in the 'Create New Server Instance Profile' form. So it is stored somewhere but it is not easy to find it. – Shoar Dec 15 '11 at 2:19

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