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Will static members be ever collected by the garbage collector?

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Objects referenced by static variables will only be garbage collected when the relevant AppDomain is garbage collected. In client applications, there's often just a single AppDomain which lives for the duration of the process. (An exception is when the application uses a plug-in architecture - different plug-ins may be loaded in different AppDomains and the AppDomain may be unloaded later.)

In ASP.NET, "AppDomain recycling" happens periodically (for various reasons) - when this occurs, and the static variables within that AppDomain will no longer act as GC roots, and thus won't prevent objects being garbage collected.

If you were worried about an object being garbage collected while you still had a reference to it via a static variable, though, you can relax. While you can access the object, it won't be garbage collected.

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Doesn't this create a great inefficiency? I often create private static helper methods. Or, all extension methods. I wonder how much memory these consume? If I have a helper method for an object, is it better to simply leave the helper as an instance so that it will be collected? –  P.Brian.Mackey Jun 8 '12 at 19:08
@P.Brian.Mackey: If you have static methods, what memory are you imagining being consumed? If you have static variables, you've got global state, which is often a bad idea to start with. But methods themselves are a different matter. –  Jon Skeet Jun 8 '12 at 21:49
My mistake. I assumed methods get created on the stack/heap like variables do. Apparently that is not the case. –  P.Brian.Mackey Jun 8 '12 at 22:29

Members are not collected... Objects are.
So if you set the Ref. Type static member to null, any object it was previously pointing to would be collected. If not, it will hang around till the AppDomain goes down (Each AppDomain has its own set of static stuff)

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A static member to a reference type is a reference, which may or may not point to an instance. If it points to an instance, said instance will not be collected until the static member is unloaded. If the type is loaded in a specific AppDomain, that can be unloaded. Otherwise it only happens when the application is terminated.

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