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Need to store some data in window.load and retrieve in document.ready:

   $(window).load(function() { // Store here
      $('img.storable').each(function() {
         $(this).data("key", "value");
         console.log($(this).data("key")); // Output: value

   $(document).ready(function() { // Retrieve here
      $('img.storable').each(function() {
         console.log($(this).data("key")); // Output: undefined!

Output in document.ready is undefined. Am i missing somethind about dom events?

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$(document).ready() runs as soon as the DOM has loaded, but $(window).load() will not run until the DOM has loaded AND all dom resources have loaded (like images and CSS files and stuff). That means that $(document).ready() will run before you set the value.

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I think document ready happens before window.load ... So it should be exactly the other way around

Just do a simple test:

$(document).ready(function() {
   alert('document ready');
$(window).load(function() {
   alert('window load');
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