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I am using android G1 phone and now i have upgraded my sdk to 1.5 and i want to run my application on device but when i connect my phone to PC i am able to install my app only when i am selecting 1.1 sdk but not when selected 1.5 .So is there any updates required for the device so i can proceed with 1.5 sdk also .if possible can u provide with a proper link that would be great .

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An update for your phone will be pushed OTA by your operator, just wait. If it is a dev phone look at HTC pages.

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I am having a T mobile G1 not the dev phone but when can i expect that update . –  Samson1982 May 12 '09 at 6:42
In Poland, the Era G1 already has an update. Have patience. –  Marcin Gil May 12 '09 at 6:47

If you're in the US or UK you can find instructions on how to force-upgrade here. I did it on mine and it went fine.

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