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Possible Duplicate:
android:inputType=“textEmailAddress” - '@' key and a '.com' key?

In my project I have an EditText in which user should enter his E-mail. How can I add ".com" button to Android Keyboard?

This is my code:


==========> Update:

I had this problem in my Emulator (and still have actually). but when i checked on real device, Samsung Galaxy S2, I saw ".com" button. Therefore, on real device there is no problem. But my suggestion for emulator users is go to Settings/Language & Keyboard and then clear the tick of Chines Language and Japanese IME. So, you can see "@" in keyboard (but still there is no ".com" button in AVD 2.2).

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Given the number of different keyboards available for Android devices, the fact that they're their own packages I seriously doubt this is in the least bit feasible. – LaceySnr Dec 15 '11 at 2:11

I suppose that android:inputType should be set to textEmailAddress only - specially if this is a field for email. But this option will not work for some devices - SE xperia, for example, does not provide any special keyboard for email input. For other devices it should work.

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