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I am trying to write a batch script that will query a Postgres database and output the results to a csv. Currently, it queries the database and saves the output as a pipe delimited csv.

I want the output to be tab delimited rather than pipe delimited, since I will eventually be importing the csv into Access. Does anyone know how this can be achieved?

Current code:

cd C:\Program Files\PostgreSQL\9.1\bin
psql -c "SELECT * from jivedw_day;" -U postgres -A -o sample.csv cscanalytics

postgres = username cscanalytics = database

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You should be using COPY to dump CSV:

psql -c "copy jivedw_day to stdout csv delimiter E'\t'" -o sample.csv -U postgres -d csvanalytics

The delimiter E'\t' part will get you your output with tabs instead of commas as the delimiter. There are other other options as well, please see the documentation for further details.

Using -A like you are just dumps the usual interactive output to sample.csv without the normal padding to making the columns line up, that's why you're seeing the pipes:

Switches to unaligned output mode. (The default output mode is otherwise aligned.)

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