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I am new to Vim and I temporarily can't get away from my mouse.

One feature that I am missing from IDEs is that I can select multiple lines with my mouse and press one key to Indent(Tab key) or Comment(<C-M>) them.

The Vim's way as I know (<C-V> ;many j-key strokes;<Shift-I>,//,<ESC> ) seems too many key strokes for me.

Is there a vim script that enables me to Indent and Comment my code block in the IDE's way?

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Enabling mouse support saves several keypresses.

:set mouse=a

Now when you drag your mouse over a selection, it'll drop you into 'Visual Mode'.

  1. From there you can simply use > and < for in/un-denting (or 2>, 3>)
  2. For commenting, you'll need to remember change from Visual Mode into 'Visual Block Mode' first (so press <C-V> as before). Then, I , // , <ESC> as before.

I reckon that saves plenty of keystrokes. Hope you agree.

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I'm using GVim on Windows, which has mswin.vim included. It drops me into "Selection Mode" rather than "Visual Mode" when I drag my mouse, and replace all my selection into a ">" when I press the > key. – TomCaps Dec 15 '11 at 4:50
bummer. I just installed gvim on Linux and it worked as expected. Hmmm, must be some wierd default option. Does it work if you do <C-V> before the > ? – laher Dec 15 '11 at 5:18
mswin.vim replace <C-V> with <C-Q>,it works. But I have not quite escaped from the evil mouse. – TomCaps Dec 15 '11 at 5:28
@TomCaps: To get Vim to use Visual Mode for mouse try issuing command :behave xterm. You could put this in your vimrc if it works for you. I believe mswin.vim handles remapping of ctrl-v, ctrl-c, ctrl-x and mouse stuff is set by :behave. – Herbert Sitz Dec 15 '11 at 8:12

In C++ code, for instance:


Will indent a {} block.


Commenting is a bigger beast. It is probably best that you employ a plug-in for this, such as The NERD Commenter.

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Also, there are some ideas for comments here: Easily comment (C++) code in vim

And, using { and } to highlight blocks is a good replacement for "many j-key strokes"

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If you learn the habit of using whitespace lines at the appropriate times, most often


will select exactly the block you wanted.


does the same, but in virtual block selections. Note on windows, C-v may have gotten remapped to C-q


>}         # indent until next whitespace line
>2}        # idem, but two blocks at once
V}o{       # expand visual selection both ways

.          # repeat last action

# so:
V}2j>      # indent following lines + two lines after next break
.          # twice


If you do not have any plugins,

<C-v>}I//<Esc>       # comment
<C-v>}x.             # uncomment

If you have NerdCommenter, it would be

V}<Leader>cc         # to comment
V}<Leader>cs         # to comment in to /* sexy */ blocks
V}<Leader>cu         # to uncomment
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If you have lines that have been highlighted by mouse just press > to indent them. To unindent them press <. These are keystrokes that relate to indenting and unindenting even without the mouse.

>> --- Indent current line

2>> --- Indent current line + line underneath it

3>> --- Indent current line + 2 subsequent lines


You can select lines easily without the mouse by pressing V (that's a capital v) and then using any of Vim's many "motion" commands (or just the arrow keys) to extend the selection. At any point you can then press > to indent the selection or < to unindent.

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