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I have one question for all, regarding QGraphicsPolygonItem scaling.

I have polygon (inside QGraphicsPolygonItem):

QPolygonF p1; 
p1 << QPointF(-4, 32) << QPointF(-4, -32) << QPointF(4, -32) << QPointF(4, 32);
//p1 << QPointF(0, 0) << QPointF(8, 0) << QPointF(8, 64) << QPointF(0, 64);
//whatever, they both doesn't work correctly.

Then, I try to scale it ( setScale(2) ), and Polygon start to scale from center point, not from top, left. I have read documentation about Qt scaling and origin points but no effect. For testing purpose, I have change polygon to rectangle - scale working correctly.

How to scale polygon from top, left ?

No scale ( polygon red, rectangle black ): setScale(1)

With scale x2: setScale(2)

Thank you for any help

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What you need is the the setTransformOriginPoint :

Sets the origin point for the transformation in item coordinates.

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setTransformOriginPoint doesn't solve this problem, because it's change only start point for transformation (center to top, left). As you can see on picture 2 (Scale x2) problem is in polygon overlapping after scaling. To prevent this need to use translate (probably). I need after scaling: 1. Scale polygon, 2. scale it's X,Y position (like for black rectangle on Picture 2 ). –  Dmitry Dec 16 '11 at 3:35

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