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Using the TFS tools in VS2010, I had added a CodePlex server. I had mapped a project on there to a local path, say C:\MyProject Later, we moved the project to a dedicated TFS server, so I added a new TFS server, and deleted the CodePlex one. This in turn removed the "workspace" for it.

However, now if I try to map a project in the second TFS server to C:\MyProject, I get the error:

The path C:\MyProject is already mapped in workspace MY-MACHINE;SND\myCodeplexUserName []

If I go to File | Source Control | Workspaces... in VS, that CodePlex workspace is not listed (since I had deleted the TFS server reference)

Does anyone know of another way to remove the existing mappings?

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Use the command line utility tf with the workspace and workspaces commands. You may also find the workfold command useful.

Open a Visual Studio Command Prompt and type:

tf help workspace

I had to do this the other day to delete all the workspaces for a collection that was moved to a different server. In my case, the command was tf workspace /delete /collection:<url>. Use tf workspaces to display all your current workspaces.

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That was a huge help, thank you! I actually had 2 workspaces with the same name, but listed under 2 different collection URLs. I just had to tf workspaces to get the collection url and workspace name, then tf workspace /delete /collection:{collection url} {workspace name} – CodingWithSpike Dec 15 '11 at 3:54

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