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I'm having an issue renaming a user account's familyName and givenName. I'm using the GData API for Python. After running the program no errors are shown. When I print the entryObject it does not show any difference from the original. What am I doing wrong? Thank you!

import gdata.apps.service

/* email, domain and password are specified here */ 

service = gdata.apps.service.AppsService(email=email, domain=domain, password=password)

entryObject = service.RetrieveUser('userAccount') = 'lastName'  = 'firstName'
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It turns out I was doing things very wrong. I needed to get a different type of UserEntry object. Two relevant links are UserEntry and retrieve_user. These are all done in the gdata.apps.multidomain.client module.

import gdata.apps.multidomain.client


multiDomainClient = gdata.apps.multidomain.client.MultiDomainProvisioningClient(domain=domain)
multiDomainClient.ClientLogin(email=email, password=password, service='apps', source='mgmt')

entryObject = multiDomainClient.retrieve_user('')
multiDomainClient.update_user('', entryObject)
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