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I am new on gaming in android. I have to start my new project which is nothing but a mutiplayer game I want to know that whether android supports multiplayer gaming?? If yes, is there any sdk/game engine/library or anything else which will support for multiplayer gaming. I read about it in many blogs but I didn't found any useful information. openfeint, plus+, scoreloop , crystal are do not provide support for android multiplayer game.

If you know anything regarding this please share it any blog/documentation/sample app/ demo will help me a lot.

Thanks, Mahaveer

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Andengine is great, but in terms of Multiplayer game-play, it offers only close proximity multiplayer (BlueTooth or same network WIFI connection).

If you want to your users to play with each other on a global scale i would recommend Skiller SDK

Hope i helped..

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Thanks MrWhiteYoo... for the suggestion... – Mahaveer Muttha Apr 5 '12 at 5:34

Yes, Android does support multiplayer gaming.

I suggest you go through basic Android tutorials before you start with game development.

Read about this Game and the way it is developed.

Also, this blog will be useful to you.

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AndEngine has an extension for multiplayer, check it out.

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It got no any documentation on Extension – Crawler May 20 '15 at 10:37

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