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I am using MongoDB.I am unable to write Linq to Sql query.

How to write retrieve table from MongoDB.

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I like what Christian says, but I think it is clear that the NORM project is dead at this point (though the source is out there freely so that could always change). For a nice LINQ interface over Mongo take a look at Fluent Mongo. Thus far I have found it to be a good experience. Interestingly the CodeProject article that gideon mentions is by the same fellow behind the Fluent Mongo lib but I can not find it mentioned in the article.

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I don't know much too about mongoDb, but I do know the Database is under the NoSQL category and linq-to-sql doesn't make much sense.


Scan through these posts: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/tagged/mongodb+linq

Linq is supported, see these articles:

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You cannot use LINQ-to-SQL with MongoDB on the backend, since Mongo does not use/accept/understand SQL. You can however use LINQ, if for instance you use NORM library for MongoDB.

If you are specifically after LINQ, but just a nice fluent query interface the official C# MongoDB driver from 10Gen has really nice and accesible query interface.

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