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We have built a Python based REST API. We are planning to give to other developers as well. Is there a Python library which could manage authentication keep track of API calls made be each client etc?

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Well, ideally you'll be using public-key cryptography, supplying the developers with an API key and secret both. If the service is accessible via HTTPS to a limited number of consumers, you might be tempted to defer to issuing a simple API key alone, but your committing yourself to remain a small, closed and insecure service forever.

As for managing API calls themselves, since you have the RESTful interfaces developed already, I would suggest that you begin decorating the functions or methods to extract the service consumer and keep track of API calls in MonogoDB--it's simple and perfectly tuned for such a requirement. It would also allow you to start throttling consumer connections at the application level where, in time, you can develop the system to encompass some low-level solutions for managing service connections, such as iptables.

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