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I have a String array like below:

String[] titles = new String[] { "Booking", "Entry", "Type",
                    "Duration", "Status", "Contract ID",
                    "Capacity", "Start Day", "End Day", "Source Ref" };

I need to append, some more values to this array at later state, like below:

titles = new String[] { "Booking", "Shipper", "Booking Quantity", "Entry", 
                        "Type", "Duration", "Status", 
                        "Contract ID", "Capacity", "Start Day", 
                        "End Day", "Source Ref" };

here I added "Shipper", "Booking Quantity" to the first array.

Is there any way to append those values based on index or any way, without creating like above example? (Is it possible?)

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when you initialize an array like this

String[] titles = new String[] { "Booking", "Entry", "Type",
                "Duration", "Status", "Contract ID",
                "Capacity", "Start Day", "End Day", "Source Ref" };

Property of array "once you initialize the array after that you can't change the size of array"*
so in your case you must initialize new array ....
Or you can use ArrayList and with its add(index, value) method you can add your value at your required position ..
But implicit it also use Concept of Dynamic Array..

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+1 for Property of array line. which should be the reason for not using array – Naveen Babu Dec 15 '11 at 6:46
i changed my array to List and doing proper changes and converting again to Array. Thanks for all. – Chandra Sekhar Dec 15 '11 at 7:38

Maybe I didn't get right your question, but you can use ArrayList<String> instead of simple arrays. You can do something like this:

titles.add(1, "Shipper");
titles.add(2, "Book Quantity");

So you basically add to the ArrayList<String> of titles the two new elements at position 1 and 2.

And no, you can't do that with normal arrays.

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No you can't. Arrays are not dynamic. You need to create a new array. Size must be know before creating the array.

String[] strings = new String[titles.length + 2];
strings[0] = "Booking";
strings[1] = "Shipper";
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To add them based on index you would actually need to create a new array and map all of the value from the old array and add the new values in as you go.

It would be much easier if you were using an ArrayList, which has an insert method that can insert new values at any index in the List


ArrayList<String> myList = new ArrayList<>();
myList.add("Contract ID"); 
myList.add("Start Day");
myList.add("End Day");
myList.add("Source Ref");

myList.add(1, "Shipper");
mylist.add(2, "Booking Quantity");
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You can keep your strings in ArrayList<String> and then use .add(index, text) method

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Better to use List<String> and just use add() method.

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You can use ArrayList as follows:

ArrayList titleList = new ArrayList<String>();
titleList.add(2,"Booking quality");

The good thing about using ArrayList is you can use Iterator and can perform various operations like searching particular entry.

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