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I am using sharekit for facebook and twitter integration.My problem is when i log in using facebook credentials i am not able to post any text,image or url.I have configured the SHKFacebookKey & SHKFacebookSecret in the configuration file.

I get a facebook login page and after successful login the page dissapears and nothing happens.

Note: I had to make changes in SHKTwitter file to get twitter working.



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I found using ShareKit pretty hard if the only task you want to achieve is posting to Facebook, Twitter and Email. I wrote my own simple lib BMSocialShare. ShareKit is better in case you need to post to many different social services. – vinzenzweber May 17 '12 at 14:56

Have you put you facebook app key in info.plist? please try to put your facebook app key with prefix fbxxxxxxxxxx. Once login done from facebook app, your app will get a call with facebook login response.

Please take a look Installing sharekit

Hope this will work.

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