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I need to print the comments of files inside a zip file :

import zipfile
def info_zip(archive_name):
   with zipfile.ZipFile(archive_name) as challenge:
       for info in challenge.infolist():

but the results i am get aren't pretty:

b' '
b' '
b' '
b' '
  1. How to get rid from those b at the start of every comment?
  2. Why are they like that, i know what they are mean buy isn't the comment's content is by the author of the zip file, why he would like to store them as binary ?

Python 3.x

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The bindicates that it is a bytes-object that is printed. To get from bytes to string you have to decode the bytes object (Encode is transform a string to a bytes object).

In order to decode a bytes object you'' have to know the used character encoding.

My guess is that the zip-file header is simply ASCII encoded. You should thus be able to get the wanted result by calling:

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Thanks, it is working, and with utf-8 is better. –  Hanan N. Dec 15 '11 at 10:38

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