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I'm trying to use the Export feature of OpenOffice Writer to create an XHtml File from an ODT containing an XForm.

What I noticed was that the XForm Model was not getting exported. I copied the default XSL file used and I changed the "xsl:stylesheet" node's "exclude-result-prefixes" to an empty string.

The output was the same. I searched the internet for more help and came across


The "xsl:template" tags provided here helped in exporting the most of the content. 1. The XForm instance, model, binding etc.

However the actual controls were still missing...

I believe the trick lies in "xsl:template" tags, but have no documentation to understand how the export feature uses them.

Any ideas on this?????

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It would help if you would share some exact details. Can you provide a small sample of your XHTML output? What browser (and extensions) are you using to display the XForms controls? –  grtjn Dec 23 '11 at 14:40
I am a bit new to StackOverflow... how does one attach files to posts. Should I use an external file hosting site to give you the XHTML output or just Paste the content here.... –  WrijuB Jan 6 '12 at 11:48
You could insert a link, or just copy/paste it in your question with an indent of at least 1 tab or 4 spaces. Long listings will get a scrollbar of their own, so even larger listings are okay. You could also create a gist at github or use something like pastebin to link to. –  grtjn Jan 6 '12 at 12:18

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Decide which XHTML element maps to each missing XForms control, then create a xsl:template matching each control which includes the desired XHTML output. Here are a few examples of similar conversion stylesheets:

XSLTForms is an excellent reference as well.

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