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Earlier I was using Netbeans,and it had all framework in it like struts ,spring,hibernate.As Eclipse is used mostly in industry,so i downloaded Eclipse Indigo java ee ,but i am not able to find option to create application using framework like sturts or hibernate or spring. I am gonna use them in future. as i am in learning phase,also if it does not support these framework,please give me link which eclipse to download as eclipse website contain number of eclipse version which to download i don't have idea.

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It depends upon which type of application you want to create and i am taking an example of web-application

to create a web-application all you need is to create a dynamic web-project in eclipse by

  1. Right click on the project explorer/ file->new.
  2. Crete a web-application by following the wizard.

and you are all set to start your development>regarding suport for Spring/Hibernate,they provide there plugin for eclipse all you need to do either

  1. Go to market place by Help->marketplace
  2. Go to respective website say spring source and Hibernate

search for the plugin and install them in your eclipse and you are all set to go

Hibernate Tool

Spring IDE

Will suggest you to install using marketplace i.e help->marketplace

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Eclipse is plugin based. WTP is the generic webapp plugin. Hibernate tools for hibernate and maybe Akrogen for struts. (Search for 'xxx eclipse plugin' with your favorite search engine, in the future)

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You can look into Maven if you want, Maven has a whole range of archetypes for almost every combination of projects.

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