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Is there a way to enforce that a controller inherits from another one in the route declaration? For example, if class B was a subclass of class A, allow it to use the route. Something like this?

match '/login/:controller', :constraint => { :inherits => A }


As a more concrete example, I have an OAuthController that accepts logins from several sources. Let's say Google, Facebook, and Twitter. I have a GoogleController, FacebookController, and TwitterController that are all subclasses of OAuthController. So right now I accept the following routes:


I might add or remove others at any time but I don't want to change my route. I also only want the :controller to be a subclass of :OAuthController. Is there a way to enforce that?

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When you say allow it to use the route, what exactly do you want to say. As an example, post a route that you want based on your req. – Jatin Ganhotra Dec 15 '11 at 8:46
It's like Generics with constraints. I've updated my question – Spidy Dec 16 '11 at 3:08

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I don't think that there is support out of the box for what you want to reach. However, there may be a way to go for. Have a look at "Rails Guides to Routing, Advanced Constraints". It uses a request object which is not exactly what you want to have, but may be sufficient.

The idea goes like that:

  • Implement a constraint with the necessary methods.
  • In the method matches?(request), do what you want to prove.
  • Integrate it by adding the route constraint:

    match "*path" => "login/:action",
      :constraints =>

This is the code for the implementation:

class BlacklistConstraint
  def initialize
    ... # necessary initialization here

  def matches?(request)
    ... # Here is your check that returns true or false
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