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I'm working on an Application that sends a text message to a number. I'm using the GSMComm Library for the application.

The program gets the detail from SQL database and there is a specific time when it sends it to the number.

bool check;
                detail = new string[3];

                //Gets the Details from the database
                detail = q.GetQueuePhone();

                // the target time of sending the sms
                int time = Convert.ToInt32(Convert.ToDateTime(detail[2]).TimeOfDay.TotalMilliseconds);

                if (time != 0)
                    //time left
                    int Interval = time - Convert.ToInt32(DateTime.Now.TimeOfDay.TotalMilliseconds);

                    //Start counting

                    SmsSubmitPdu pdu;
                    //detail[1] have the Phone Number
                    pdu = new SmsSubmitPdu(TextMsg, detail[1]);

                    //sending on that number is done
                    //recheck the database again
                    check = true;
            } while (check);

My problem starts when the message that have been sent by the program is not receive by the phone number.

Can anyone help me?

Edit: This is the log from GSMComm

Info       16:07:48.005 Sending message...
Info       16:07:50.091 Message sent successfully.
Info       16:07:48.015 [gsmphone] Activating PDU mode...
Verbose    16:07:48.016 [gsmphone] << AT+CMGF=0
Verbose    16:07:48.016 [gsmphone]    
Verbose    16:07:48.033 [gsmphone] >> 
Verbose    16:07:48.033 [gsmphone]    OK
Verbose    16:07:48.033 [gsmphone]    
Info       16:07:48.033 [gsmphone] Sending message...
Verbose    16:07:48.034 [gsmphone] << AT+CMGS=28
Verbose    16:07:48.034 [gsmphone]    
Verbose    16:07:48.036 [gsmphone] >> 
Verbose    16:07:48.036 [gsmphone]    > 
Verbose    16:07:48.036 [gsmphone] << 0011000C819051258225 30000A70F54747A0E4ACF416110BD3CA78700
Verbose    16:07:50.091 [gsmphone] >> 
Verbose    16:07:50.091 [gsmphone]    
Verbose    16:07:50.091 [gsmphone]    +CMGS: 27
Verbose    16:07:50.091 [gsmphone]    
Verbose    16:07:50.091 [gsmphone]    OK
Verbose    16:07:50.091 [gsmphone]    
Info       16:07:50.091 [gsmphone] 21 characters received after 2059 ms.
Info       16:07:50.091 [gsmphone] Message reference = 27
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Doesn't that sound like the message isn't been sent? Are they any logs you can look at to verify the message was sent? –  Adam Dec 15 '11 at 7:46
There is a log function that the library can provide. I don't understand the log it generates –  Amel Dec 15 '11 at 7:55
Can you clear the log, do a send message, then edit your answer with the log files that it generated while doing the send? –  Adam Dec 15 '11 at 8:00
ok edited my post –  Amel Dec 15 '11 at 8:17
Ok, just have to ask to get these things out the way. Are you sure you have the right phone number? can you send messages to that phone normally. Have you put it in international format. Sometimes carriers or other things need the full international number. e.g. in Australia I can just type 0400000000 as a mobile number but if I wish to send it over an sms app I need to write it as 61400000000 –  Adam Dec 15 '11 at 8:32

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