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i have a big problem. I have a list with some values. And every Time I click on it, it toggles the sorting from ASC to DESC OR from DESC to ASC. Now I want to show a img that shows the status of the sorting (arrow up for ASC, and arrow down for DESC). Without the img it works great, but when i put the dynamic img Tag into it, i sends a double request to the Server, so that the toggeling cant function . My logic is like this: if DESC was before than now use ASC.... if Asc was before than now use DESC. My JSP looks like this (getSort() returns the actual String of the sort "status"):

    `<s:if test="getSort()=='DESC'">
    <s:set name="sortierBild1" value="'/styles/img/buttons/pfeil-unten.GIF'"/>
    <s:if test="getSort()=='ASC'">
    <s:set name="sortierBild1" value="'/styles/img/buttons/pfeil-unten.GIF'"/>

   `<th id="Berichtsjahr" class="sortable">
    <s:url id="SortBerichtsjahrURL" action="planIdentUebersicht_sort">
    <s:param name="sortBy" value="1" />
    <a href="${SortBerichtsjahrURL}" class="action">BJahr
    <img src="<s:url value='%{sortierBild1}'/>" class="icon"></a>

With this constelation it sends double requests, and my logic cant toggle! The same code without the img-part (<img src="<s:url value='%{sortierBild1}'/>" class="icon">), functions great!

Please help me! Greetings.

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My browser is Firefox and there it does not work. In IE6 it works fine. –  user1076951 Dec 15 '11 at 7:50

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Your setter <s:set name="sortierBild1" value="'/styles/img/buttons/pfeil-unten.GIF'"/> sets the value sortierBild1 to '/styles/img/buttons/pfeil-unten.GIF'. Your <img src="<s:url value='%{sortierBild1}'/>" will look this way when the value is put in there:

<img src="<s:url value=''/styles/img/buttons/pfeil-unten.GIF''/>"

I guess the 2x single quotes will break the tag or generate a tag like this:

<img src="http://www.domain.tld/app/'/styles/img/buttons/pfeil-unten.GIF'" />
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