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GetFiles with multiple extentions

I want to use a Multiple filter eg:.mp3,.jpg to retrieve the string array of the files of these types.But unfortunately Directory.getfiles() does not provide this functionality efficiently.

I know this question has been asked many times over here but I have just found out an article at http://www.beansoftware.com/ASP.NET-FAQ/Multiple-Filters-Directory.GetFiles-Method.aspx

which gives the following function for tackling this problem

public string[] getFiles(string SourceFolder, string Filter,
 System.IO.SearchOption searchOption)
 // ArrayList will hold all file names
ArrayList alFiles = new ArrayList();

 // Create an array of filter string
 string[] MultipleFilters = Filter.Split('|');

 // for each filter find mathing file names
 foreach (string FileFilter in MultipleFilters)
  // add found file names to array list
  alFiles.AddRange(Directory.GetFiles(SourceFolder, FileFilter, searchOption));

 // returns string array of relevant file names
 return (string[])alFiles.ToArray(typeof(string));

I want to know if this method is efficient.If a drive eg:C:\ is specified will this method search the entire drive? Can anyone suggest me a method to add subfolder searching to this method explicitly

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You also may ran LINQ queries on total result to get the files you want and union the results

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