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i'm trying to use the highcharts library with iScroll4. You can see a complete example here.
The problem as you can see is that the outer div's width is getting ignored by the browser and the iScroll div apparently doesn't show at all.
What i want to achieve is having a graph with width=1000px inside a container with width=200px. Of course i want the graph to be scrollable (horizontally) so that i can see all the graph and not only the left part. To do this, i want to use iScroll4 as i already used it inside the same project for another feature.
Can you point out where the problem is in my code?
Thanks a lot!

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I think this could help you.


you have to set overflow-x: for div. try to scroll using the space below #charts div (portrait mode).

Highcharts to use touch events of the ios, they prevent the default events, you may try this alternative solution like this. http://jsfiddle.net/HXUmK/126/

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This is not what i want. I want to scroll the chart itself. Btw, thanks for trying –  andreapier Dec 28 '11 at 15:22

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