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I am trying to call a soap web service from c#. With static URL and without authentification everything works well. I used wsdl and csc to generate an dll and also worked with web references. This point was the easy part.

For the dynamic URL I have seen but this is from 2005 and I don't known if this is obsolete. Is it correct to use the "normal" references?

My Web Service is using basic authentication but I cannot figure out how to give the user/password.

I have already seen but this looks really complicated and I hope that there will be a simpler way to implement the basic authentication.

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Did you try this example given on the blog you mentioned? – Maheep Dec 15 '11 at 9:35

To implement basic authentication for your web request you will have to use NetworkCredential for your request.

NetworkCredential creds = new NetworkCredential(user,password);

WebRequest req = WebRequest.Create(Url);
req.Credentials = creds;

If you are using Web Reference for accessing web service; while you create a object of your proxy class just assign credentials to it.

NetworkCredential creds = new NetworkCredential(user,password);
proxy.Credentials = creds ;
//call your web methods here.

For dynamic URL the article, you have mentioned, should work.

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Thanks for your reply. Could you please tell me where to find the WebRequest when I used web references? Sry, I am newbie. – user1099480 Dec 15 '11 at 10:41

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