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How can I assign a variable inside the django templating system ?

Assuming Restaurant is a Model:

{% restaurant_id as restaurant.id %} or {{ restaurant_id as restaurant.id }} are not working.

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You could use the with template tag, and assign an internal template variable like this:

{% with restaurant_id=restaurant.id %}
... use restaurant_id in this template section ...
{% endwith %}
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Note: You can use filters within the "with" template tag:

foo is {{ foo }}
{% with bar=foo|slice'6:9' %}
  bar is {{ bar }}
{% endwith %}
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There is no built-in way to assign a variable in django template. I think this is on purpose, since django devs think a template language should stay as simple as possible.

If you really need this, you will have to create a custom template tag. Note that in the next django version (1.4), there will be a custom helper for this.

Edit This answer is wrong, please see @LaundroMat's one.

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